Do you want to compete at the highest level? Then you should make sure that your orders are always delivered on time. No mistakes. And independently of whether you sell to retailers or to end consumers. BME ensures swift order execution and delivery through each channel from 1 central warehouse.



Consumers have drastically changed their purchasing behavior since the advent of the internet and smartphones. Soaring internet sales and the various channels through which consumers order, pay, obtain and return products give oxygen to the omnichannel approach. Retailers and manufacturers across many sectors and industries have come to realize they will need to adapt if they want to remain relevant and competitive. This offers challenges and also opportunities.

Consument centraal

The consumer is the focus

An example:

Omnichannel 01


A consumer tests a product in the store close to his office. But he/she doesn’t have the time to queue at the cash register.

Omnichannel 02


He/she can make the purchase via smartphone and chooses the most suitable delivery option. At the location of choice.

Omnichannel 03


The delivery happens at the moment and location of choice. And if needed the consumer can return or exchange the product at a store nearby.


Stock visibility

Logistics and supply chain play a crucial role in omnichannel business. Retailers have visibility on stock that is spread on different locations. Stocks are controlled from the warehouse and optimized to satisfy the end customer’s expectations. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Integratie verkoopkanalen

Sales channel integration

The advent of omnichannel yields new opportunities to improve the customer experience and to grow your customer’s brand loyalty. You can reach each customer at any moment. It is in our DNA to explore new horizons and we would like you to get involved. In this way, you can always consider us as an e-fulfilment partner who also extends your own business.


One central technology

A successful omnichannel approach starts with a central technology that makes all stock visible and flexibly usable. In this way your customer can order at any time and from any location regardless of where your stock is located. The system offers the most optimal logistical solution on the basis of pre-agreed parameters.

“Online and brick-and-mortar shops are complementary, not competitive. They must collaborate to mutually increase turnover. That is the key to a successful omnichannel strategy.”

Our 3PL approach

Customers can order through various channels. And their parcels can be delivered from various locations.

  • The consumer is central
  • Stock visibility
  • Central management from a single fulfilment cloud

Omnichannel with BME

Stock visibility

stock visibility

Verhoogde merkbeleving

brand experience

Klant centraal

The customer
is central

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A skilled and competent team, led by a professional management, and a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The partner of excellence, both for ensuring day-to-day work gets done, and to address future developments in the sector and in our company.

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