Digital Supply Chain

Today’s world is one where stock levels need to be limited to a minimum. Therefore it’s important that you can digitally follow your stock, from production to sales. That allows you to quickly anticipate changes in demand.

Digital Supply Chain

Room for growth

Doing logistics yourself isn’t always the most efficient approach for a B2B company. Stock levels aren’t always that transparent, and your warehouse is not easily scalable. In case of changes in demand you might have too much staff and storage space – or too little. We analyse your current processes and software and propose a third party solution to address variations in demand efficiently and quickly. That in turn guarantees that your operations remain profitable and scalable.

“Almost all quality improvements are a consequence of simplification in design, production, lay-out, processes and procedures”

Lower stock levels, higher flexibility

Increasing your cost effectiveness starts with analyzing your current operations. After that analysis we can implement the right improvements where it’s necessary.

  • Analysis of your current processes
  • Analysis of the ERP or webshop software that you currently use
  • Analysis of your logistics planning

Our solutions


Low fixed costs, high flexibility

Stock levels aren’t always that transparent. And your warehouse is not easily scalable. In case of fluctuating demand you may have too much staff or storage space – or too little. In a nutshell, outsourcing your fulfilment means turning your fixed costs into variable costs. Which can only benefit your growth.

Optimize your e-fulfilment processes

Before we start we map out all your processes. Digital and physical processes are optimized and fused into one digital model. A connection of systems yields stronger automation in information processing. Today’s and tomorrow’s optimizations are integrated through this solution. Optimizations are continuously implemented. In this way we remain ahead in an ever-changing competitive environment.


Speed of delivery

Thanks to careful planning and our  logistical expertise we are capable to make faster deliveries, requiring less stock and avoiding bad surprises for you. In addition we tune our processes to the delivery conditions of yuor customers both domestically and abroad.

Carefree administration

All information is managed digitally. In doing so a large administrative weight falls off your shoulders.


When it comes to e-commerce or digital supply chain logistics, there are many attention points when you are looking for the right partner. Our experts are experienced in platform development both on the front-end and on the logistical backbone.

Digital supply chain
Support Channels

A direct line with the warehouse

Communications and speed of action go hand in hand. We use all sorts of new communications channels such that we’re always ready for you.

Support channels

Every movement in the warehouse is digitally entered and stored, causing your stock levels to be always up-to-date.

We’re a company with dynamic structures and short reporting lines. We were looking for a 3PL partner with the same characteristics. With BME we found a partner that works fast, accurately and flexibly. A perfect fit with Izico.

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