Sometimes parcels are returned. BME has a lot of know-how about this part of the e-fulfilment process thanks to our experience in e-commerce. It can be an important part of your online story.


The customer returns his/her parcel to our warehouse and you proceed to pay-back after the necessary controls. This includes the following practical fulfilment steps:

  • A digital identification of the returned order using a unique code
  • Visual checks on the quantity and quality of your goods
  • New stock intake of the goods and their storage in the warehouse
  • Digital confirmation of the checks that were carried out

This procedure is a digital process in our WMS. Information on quantity or quality deviations are automatically relayed to you with the necessary documentary evidence. This allows you to communicate correctly to your customer.

BtoB orders are sometimes also returned, albeit less frequently than BtoC. Also in this case, we agree on procedures and we ensure that products are rapidly available for sale again.