Outbound starts when an order is placed on your webshop or gets entered into your ERP system.


The process

Order receipt

Thanks to digital integration we receive the order in real time. The main information that we receive and automatically process is:

  • Name and address
  • Courier service of choice
  • Order information

Order picking

Thanks to this information, we can immediately start picking the order from the warehouse. It is the WMS that plans and manages the scan-driven picking activity, centered around the product and its bar-code. In this way we can ensure that we always take the right product. Every product gets scanned. In that way we can always guarantee the right quantities. We can also enter packaging quantities in the WMS. This allows us to reduce the number of scans required to process an order. In short, a very flexible e-fulfilment pick process.

Order packing

With our staff, your products are in good hands. Our people will pack your products with all required care. So that your customer receives his/her order correctly and without damage.

When you decide to outsource your logistics to a third party logistics partner, of course you want to keep up your brand experience and a personal touch. With BME you can choose for packing instructions that are tailored to your product/brand. Some examples:

  • Personalization (printing a document, adding a hand-written card, …)
  • Custom packing instructions (ribbons, ways of folding a garment, addition of samples, …)
  • Dedicated stacking patterns (BtoB)
  • Own boxes
  • Addition of information
  • ...

We always focus on using high-quality packaging materials, but also offer the option to personalize your packaging.

Order pick-up

Your platform sends us the correct delivery address and the courier service of choice. That data is processed in our WMS and we automatically print the right label. There is no human interaction in this process which ensures that your customer will always find the right courier on his/her doorstep.

Dispatch information

This data is managed centrally in the WMS. Track-and-trace codes are exchanged between the platforms. You can automatically inform your customer and also follow up on order via our portal. Quickly and transparently.

We’re a company with dynamic structures and short reporting lines. We were looking for a partner with the same characteristics. With BME we found a partner that works fast, accurately and flexibly. A perfect fit with Izico.

Izico/Bicky Burger