Congratulations! You have become our customer and through BME you send your orders on a daily basis. Do you think our role as 3PL partner ends there? Think again.


Since we work together, we would like to continue keeping a finger on the pulse. To make improvements, share knowledge or answer questions proactively. Because processes that run well today need ongoing care and good communication to also work well tomorrow.

That’s why we focus on communication and management throughout our partnership. For us it’s a logical part of our collaboration.

BME wouldn’t be BME if we weren’t using specific communication tools that help to streamline interactions and to swiftly transfer the right information.



Before we effectively start, there is a thorough preparation trajectory to map out, as detailed as possible, all facets of our collaboation. Once this is achieved, we view our role as follows:

  • Monitoring and improving structural elements in the collaboration
  • Helping to tackle market changes logistically
  • Handle growth proactively, thereby avoiding bottlenecks

In short, we want to be the e-fulfilment partner that thinks with you and plans ahead.


Our supervisor, supported by a number of teamleaders, is responsible for the day-to-day management of your orders. The supervisor ensures that the complete trajectory, from inbound to effective dispatch of the orders, goes as swiftly as possible in the warehouse.

A direct line between you and the supervisor ensures that you can discuss and tackle day-to-day matters. This helps you to keep the finger on the pulse, and it allows us to have very short reaction times.

Support channels

Transport management

The last part of the entire logistics chain is the effective dispatching of parcels. You or your customers might have questions regarding a specific parcel, requiring a discussion with the courier service involved. As third party logistics partner it’s our job to obtain the required information from the courier service and to get that information to you. In this way you can take the necessary actions.