Reception of goods, quality control, quantity checks. These are just some of the steps before we effectively proceed to intake of the products.


Product registration

An optimal process is one with no or little administration. Product registration always happens digitally. It is fully automated through a direct link with your ERP system, or you can proceed to manual input in our user-friendly portal.

Receipt of goods

Whether it’s a box, a pallet, a full truck or a container, the same principles always apply. Quality is central. The inbound process directly impacts all downstream logistical processes.


To ensure a swift organization we require all products to be equipped with a barcode. Our entire e-fulfilment process is based on scan moments. This ensures product traceability, high quality and an invoice that is fully transparent. Everything can be traced back to a specific action in the warehouse.



The more you measure, the more you know. All products that enter our warehouse first make a pitstop at our cubiscan. The cubiscan is coupled to our Warehouse Management System (“WMS”). We scan your product’s barcode, put it on the scanner and automatically load all product dimensions (length, width, height and weight) in our WMS.

The big advantage is that we can perfectly determine the adequate packaging for an order even before the picking process starts. Another advantage is that the system determines the optimum storage location. You save in packaging material and you don’t pay a cent too much in storage costs in our warehouse.

Put Away

Thanks to our cubiscan we know which location fits your product. The WMS is also very smart when it comes to putting priorities. When products are on the inbound floor and they are required to process an order, the WMS will first organize the transfer of the goods to the warehouse. The WMS does the thinking work and that brings tranquility and efficiency to the organization.

The Process

Freight unloading

Quantity check on the pallets/boxes unloaded compared to the CMR freight letter

Visual damage check, if necessary the freight is refused

Extensive checks

Purchase Order (PO) check

Quality check: is there any damage, did everything arrive safe and sound?

Quantity check: right quantities per SKU?

For food or other products with expiry data or lot numbers

  • Entering the expiry date
  • Entering the lot number

Measuring dimensions of all products on the cubiscan

Everything is separated to ensure flawless transfer to the storage location