Does your product arrive at our warehouse in separate parts? No problem, we assemble your product for you! Our work ranges from mechanically adding parts to installation software. Together we define the most efficient logistics procedure. That saves money and offers space for new investments.


Digital process

Also the assembly process is fully digitized en automated. Together with you we conceive the most efficient way to get to a finished product. Everything is managed by the WMS allowing you to always keep the overview.


We assemble tens of thousands of products per month. Either in a tailored manner or through standard procedures for larger volumes. This includes flexible fulfilment solutions to optimize your stock.


A skilled and competent team, led by a professional management, and a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The partner of excellence, both for ensuring day-to-day work gets done, and to address future developments in the sector and in our company.

Nonna Kostanian, Oral Discount