Pivot Point BME

Back to school together with Pivot Point

Pivot Point helps people with a passion for hair. They assist hairdresser salons and hairdresser schools to get the very best out of their organization. In the Spring of 2017 Pivot Point approach us with an urgent logistical challenge. It was urgent because the most busy months of the year were coming – and their existing logistical solution was no longer fitting the bill.

The basic challenge of this case was clear. Can we ensure the assembly of a large volume of parcels in a very short timeframe? Yes of course we can!

After a thorough analysis we identified the following logistical challenges and pain points:

  • 70% of the order volume is centralized in the months of August and September;
  • A significant part of the orders is delivered straight to the students;
  • Another large part of the orders must be supplied to the hairdresser schools but the orders have to be identifiable down to individual student level;
  • Kunnen orders op correct afgesproken momenten afgeleverd Can orders be delivered at pre-agreed dates and times? Because a lot of schools and teachers need to ensure that someone is onsite during the months of August and September to ensure order receipt;
  • Pivot Point needed a fast and good insight in its stock levels.


All Pivot Point products were equipped with a barcode – that already made things easier.

At the moment of the first inbound operation, we had helped the Pivot Point staff to appose barcodes on each product. That allowed us to enter the first batch of products very easily and swiftly into the system.

For subsequent deliveries, Pivot Point had made sure that these would already be pre-equipped with a barcode. In this way our WMS system could very easily distinguish between individual products in stock, and assembled “packs” or end products.


To allow for a swift assembly of the packs, we needed to know what a pack would be composed of. Once this was set up inside the WMS, we were able to very easily assemble the loose pieces of stock into one assembled end product. Despite the short time between inbound delivery of the individual products and the moment of dispatch of the orders!

Pivot Point


The Moment of Truth. There was no better description for the months of August and September. In the meantime we know the end result. We were able to process a volume that tripled in size, without any impact on quality. BME happy, client happy! This was only possible thanks to a good preparation with the customer, good insight into procedures and a strong technology environment.

What was also important were the fast and short communication lines between Pivot Point and ourselves.


Very rapidly we faced a new, bigger challenge. Pivot Point asked us how we would supply to the schools.

The challenge was that the contents of the entire order (pallet size) had to be identifiable down to student level. And the schools had to receive the pallets at a pre-agreed date.

Getting delivery on an exact date in place was no problem. We just needed to add delivery dates into the system. Granular identification of all orders that went to one single school was, instead, a challenge!

The solution: we set up our system to behave as if it did not have to consolidate the individual orders. But at the packing table we programmed a trigger to consolidate – and from the packing table orders were dispatched to a specific consolidation zone.


At the end of October 2017 we evaluated the logistical operations together with Pivot Point. There are still opportunities for optimization but both sides gave positive feedback. The schools were very satisfied with the timely and correct deliveries. This reduced the stress on Pivot Point’s organization. Everybody happy!