Oral Discount

Oral Discount

Oral Discount had a nice logistics challenge in store for us. They outsourced the entire assembly of their combipacks to BME. We ensured a seamless integration of our Warehouse Management System (WMS) with Oral Discount’ Prestashop. So how does the assembly process exactly work? Have a read, we’ll explain below.

Our customer Oral Discount sells its product offering through various marketplaces (for instance think of Showroomprivé). They distribute their own Prodental brand in combination with products of Oral B. To this end they use one Prestashop (containing several shops within 1 environment) as well as several market places.

To allow this operation to run as smoothly as possible, Oral Discount had a number of important requirements that were not met by their partner:

  • Oral Discount sells combinations of products, but wanted to store them as unique products in order to have flexibility in how the products were combined.
  • Supplies to the different marketplaces go hand in hand with unique marketplace specifications that need to be meticulously respected.
  • The speed of order processing is very high notwithstanding the fact that it is impossible to keep a stock of pre-assembled products.

BME got working on these requirements!

To allow a smooth and swift assembly process we needed to know exactly how a pack is composed (for instance a toothbrush + a brush head + 2 tubes of toothpaste). To that end we’ve set up a synchronization process with Oral Discount’ Prestashop. In that way each order is automatically converted from packs into individual products. Our system immediately transmits the picking lists to the warehouse operators. So that they in turn can supply the assembly zone.

Subsequently we arrive in the assembly zone where our warehouse workers get going with the work orders they receive. These work orders correspond to the quantities that were effectively sold. Hence we always assemble the exact quantity of unique pieces required for the assembled packs. In this way Oral Discount maintains maximum stock flexibility without deviations in the marketplace deliveries.

Once the correct number of sold quantities is prepared, these are taken back into stock. This is followed by picking and packing.

In sum, a fast assembly in function of sales, allowing the customer to rapidly receive orders and allowing Oral Discount to optimally use its stock.