Custom logistic solution for Modulaid

Every company has the obligation to provide its employees with a first aid kit. It is too often the case that the this first aid box is not complete or that certain products in it have expired. Modulaid takes care of this.

Integrated online application

The Modulaid app allows you to create a first aid kit that is tailored to the activities and risks of your company. An additional crucial advantage of Modulaid’s product is that you can keep track of your inventory via an online application. This gives you a quick overview of the checks carried out, but also of the purchases you have to make to keep your first aid kit up-to-date.

Custom logistic solution

Once this app was developed, the question of how to handle the logistic aspect immediately arose. In concrete terms, this meant that we had to find an answer to the following questions:

  • How do we link a first aid box to a specific customer, so that this box is also clearly assigned to a customer in the app?
  • How do we monitor expiration dates and batch numbers of a first aid box with absolute certainty?

verschillende stappen in de modulaid app

QR-code to the rescue!

The answer to the first question is: a QR code! When an order is generated, we link a unique QR code to this order and so also to the first aid box. We then scan all specific parts of the order and fill the box with these parts. When we know the expiry date and lot number of each product, we can also link these data to each order. All this data is uploaded in the online application, so that each customer receives his unique first aid box and so that Modulaid can perfectly monitor the contents of each first aid kit.

The Modulaid app ensures that companies always have the right first tools available. Our integrated e-fulfilment service fits seamlessly with the operation of the app, so Modulaid can guarantee perfect traceability.

logistieke oplossing modulaide

If you want to know more about our approach or if you have questions about your unique story, please do not hesitate to contact us.