LignaPharma is a wholeseller of dietary food products. They were looking for a logistics partner allowing them to focus on their customers. Logistics processing was for them an external extension of their operations. The main reasons for not doing logistics internally: (i) the wish to keep working with a small team; (ii) the desire to improve customer satisfaction.

It was important that their logistics partner would contribute to customer satisfaction with absolute certainty. LignaPharma’s main requirements for their logistics partner were:

  • Transparent stock management and order processing
  • Freedom of choice for the customer in delivery options
  • Access to all information to allow correct information flows to the customer
  • An integration that automates all processes
  • Flexible ordering process fort he customers
  • Clear packaging instructions for the diverse product offering

BME got working on these requirements!

Together with LignaPharma we started building a BtoB webshop. We integrated the webshop with our warehouse management software (WMS) to fulfil LignaPharma’s main requirements:

  • A personal portal allows LignaPharma to keep a clear image on its stock and order status.
  • The customer can choose the courier service and delivery mode him/herself.
  • This information in turn is used by LignaPharma to accurately inform the customer of his/her orders.
  • The products are split up in product categories allowing different products to always be packaged separately. This reduces delivery damage to a minimum.

BME thus allowed LignaPharma to implement its personalized approach to logistics. LignaPharma saw a drastic rise in customer satisfaction. BME also enabled them to use the fast processes and flexibility of e-commerce within a pure B2B environment.

This is not an end point. LignaPharma and BME collaborate constantly to improve the customer experience even further. In this respect, dialogue is crucial. That allows us to better understand the customer’s wishes, to develop the best logistical solution.