BME and Kinepolis join forces!

Kinepolis Group is not only the market leader of Belgian cinema, they own cinemas all over Western Europe and Canada. They know better than anyone how to broaden a traditional cinema visit into an experience, in which the viewer is given a broad film selection. In order to create the ultimate film experience, tailored to different target groups, they focus on their infrastructure. This makes them a true Belgian world player!

More flexible e-fulfilment partner

For their Belgian web shop, Kinepolis was looking for a more flexible e-fulfilment partner. The requirements: a wide range of courier services and the possibility to print film tickets on demand, with each film ticket having its own unique code. In this way Kinepolis can perfectly respond to the wishes of their customers and improve its customer service.

In concrete terms, they asked us:

  • How can we integrate a technical set-up in which Kinepolis’ systems are integrated and how can we print vouchers on demand while linking the unique codes to an order?
  • How do we set up an efficient workflow so that orders are processed efficiently and busy periods are taken into account?

kinepolis doosjes

Print-on-demand solution

The first question was dealt with by the developers of both companies. This collaboration has effectively led to a print-on-demand solution. We link the unique voucher codes to an order and then integrate them into the Kinepolis system. This creates a closed and secure system that gives Kinepolis’ customer service all the assets to provide correct information about an order.

Quick and correct order processing

To ensure efficient order processing, we opted to print the vouchers, prepare the order and provide the shipping label at the packing table. Thanks to this set-up, we can quickly process the orders in a correct way and we are able to deal with busy periods quickly. Tailor made and perfectly adapted to the wishes of our new customer!

magazijn werk

In short, Kinepolis was unique in its demand and approach. We are proud that together we succeeded in translating this unique approach during the IT integration, in which we even integrated a new way of working in our warehouse.

If you want to know more about our approach or if you have questions about your unique story, please do not hesitate to contact us.