Smart energy bills thanks to June Energy

June Energy is like everyone else convinced that the energy will become 100% renewable in the future. However, they feel that the transition is going too slowly and therefore they want to contribute their mite now. June Energy monitors your personal consumption and continuously scans the current market prices. All thanks to an easy-to-install smart technology. This also allows you to use your consumption more intelligently. You are automatically sure of the lowest rates.

At the beginning of 2017 June started looking for a logistics partner to dispatch their technology. Important points of interests in their search were:

  • A well-informed partner, who thinks along and guides them. An important point was that thinking along should also take into account at which phase their company finds itself. The desires can also change in an innovative start-up where a story grows very strongly.
  • A fast and smooth integration, given that there was only one month between the first conversation and the effective start-up.
  • Being able to easily manage busy periods.
  • Being able to give customers a correct experience and delivery in spite of everything. So that the first introduction to the product matches the values of June Energy.

BME june


Thanks to a very quick first meeting, all questions that BME had, were answered. We were instantly very eager to get busy with them/to throw in our lot with them.

Together with the people of June Energy, we went deeper into their strategy and the image they want to project towards their customers. Due to this exercise we came up with an e-fulfilment process that fits all these needs. This makes the whole process from sales to delivery a complete whole.

Afterwards, we made a quick and smooth connection between both systems, keeping in mind the processes that are already drawn up. We did everything we could to ensure that all orders were well processed regardless of the peak.

Finally, in order to ensure that everything ran and continued to run smoothly, we have maintained a very close monitoring and communication with June Energy in the first few months.

BME klantencase


The start-up was intense, but together we achieved our goals! The customer was very easily given access to June Energy’s technology.

We notice today that the way of communicating and working together is evolving itself further in accordance with June’s growth. This transparent communication makes it possible for us to continuously monitor and adjust the cooperation where necessary.

A perfect example of how two young ambitious Belgian companies are helping each other evolve!