A healthy kitchen thanks to GreenPan

Cooking in a sustainable and healthy way without releasing any harmful substances? Entrepreneur from Ghent, Wim De Veirman, came up with the ideal concept. Together with his childhood friend Jan Helskens (founder of The Cookware Company) GreenPan was born, a Belgian company that produces non-stick ceramic coated pans.

“As the inventor of healthy non-stick cookware we gradually conquer the world. A good e-commerce strategy in order to complement our existing sales channels is therefore essential.”

A strong Belgian brand with an international character requires a strong logistics partner. GreenPan therefore went in search of a partner, who:

  • Has excellent communication skills.
  • Provides a fast service in accordance with consumer expectations.
  • Understands that the brand experience must be in accordance with the sustainable values of the brand.
  • Can handle actions that lead to busy peaks easily.
  • Can do all these things in Europe.

kookpan met spaghetti


From various conversations and after a thorough needs analysis, we started the integration. Since we could not integrate the web shop or the ERP system directly, we jointly opted for a solution in which we are connected through an FTP server. As a result, GreenPan was able to maintain its internal operations and we were able to seamlessly organize our logistics to meet the above requirements. We can say that:

  • We have a close partnership thanks to strong communication.
  • The orders are in accordance with the agreements in terms of both speed and experience.
  • Certain actions, such as these for Dagelijkse Kost and Alpro have run smoothly.



A partnership in which all parties are satisfied starts with a thorough analysis of each other’s needs and functioning. From there, it is a question of smooth communication to create a smooth cooperation together, in which consumers clearly feel the values that GreenPan wants to convey.