Bicky Burger

Bicky Burger

Izico, the company behind the well-known fast-food brand Bicky Burger, was looking for a logistical partner to equip fast-food restaurants flexibly with point of sale (POS) material. The restaurants can save points or credits and swap these for POS material through a dedicated app.

Brand experience is a focal point for Bicky Burger. That’s why Izico is focused on:

  • Fast order processing, also for large volumes
  • Quick and easy communication with the logistics company but also with Izico’s customers
  • Access to the necessary information to allow targeted communications with their customers
  • Reduce manual actions to the absolute minimum by integrating systems and implementing automations

BME got working on these requirements!

We first established a digital connection between de app, serving as an ordering platform, and our warehouse. This allowed the customers to enjoy:

  • A flexible ordering platform with fast order processing
  • A portal to make stock and order status easily understandable
  • Thanks to the integration, a digital dommunications stream that keeps customers informed, through various status indicators, on the status of their order.

We also ensure short communications lines. For some actions it is necessary to be on the ball, and we favor continuous interaction.