Our values

To be the reference in high-quality e-fulfilment services, constantly evolving together with the needs of our customers, in order to make their customers happy.

BME strongly believes that logistics is the extension of our customers’ strategy. We contribute to commercial and strategic objectives. We contribute to the satisfaction of our customers – and our customers’ customers.

To make this tangible we center our work around a number of values. Together with all our staff and all our partners.


Flexibility plays in 3 areas:

  • Each of our customers has specific desires that need to be built into our processes.
  • Our customers grow and constantly adapt their objectives. We want to evolve to continue answering their needs.
  • Flexibility is a continuous process where, together with our customers, we aspire to reach the highest service level.

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Being customer focused

We are not a supplier, but a partner. That means that the satisfaction of our partner’s customers is central. We do this through:

  • Clear communications, internally and externally.
  • Clear communications, internally and externally.
  • A positive attitude towards change.Considering our warehouse as a meeting point between our partners and our staff.

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We are very tightly involved in our customers’ operations and their objectives. We implement this by:

  • Making sure our staff have a very accurate understanding of your operations.
  • Creating a tight contact between our staff and our customers in different ways.

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We handle your stock – but you remain in control. In a partnership nothing should be hidden to the other party. We provide you with tools that allow you to monitor everything in a transparent manner. This means:

  • Different communications channels
  • Digital access to our platform
  • Reducing the distance between our staff and our partners
  • Supplying detailed invoices

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The world, the market, the technology and therefore your business are in constant change. Our job is to make sure that you can keep up with the rhythm of change. We continuously innovate on all levels. The goal is to improve our processes and to increase your experience.

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