Opinion #1: E-commerce impossible for Belgium? Not!

Web sales continue to grow. There have been a lot of critical articles lately about how we in Belgium let foreign web shops and related service providers eat our bread. Most of the jobs created by e-commerce would go to the Netherlands and Germany. Belgium would no longer be an option for e-commerce projects. Absolutely disagree!


First, let's already state that e-commerce remains the future, for all retail, small or large, partly as part of an overall sales strategy. Will e-commerce remain a project for Belgium? A resounding yes. We encounter the evidence of this every day within BME. We notice that many Belgian and international companies are still choosing Belgium as the ultimate link in their supply chain.

With this, we would like to take a moment to appeal to everyone, including the media, stop focusing only on the things that can't be done. Every day we notice how much we have to offer as a company and as a country. Below we list some more advantages. So let's communicate more about this and see the glass more than half full!


Why does Belgium/BME remain an interesting hub for e-commerce?

  • Central location within Europe
  • Surrounded by major e-commerce markets
  • Focus on high quality service and experience to customer
  • Better trained staff
  • A crossroads between different cultures and languages


Positive news of the day! Within the global world where national borders no longer exist and purchases can be made from a seat, there is certainly enormous potential for Belgium. We notice this every day and are fully committed to growth and employment!

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