Online marketplaces under pressure, BME to the rescue!

The Coronavirus not only cripples our social life, but also impacts our economy and its marketplaces. Stores have to close, businesses are shutting down preemptively, and for how long? Sales through your known channels come to a halt or are firmly under pressure.

Amazon fulfillment bans non-essential products

In addition, Amazon announced that they will no longer receive incoming goods from non-essential products. Thus, they are fully deploying their logistics capacity for the essential products, which are much needed in these times. From a social and business perspective, you can certainly have some sympathy for this. If you find that your capacity is under pressure as demand for essential goods increases, you have to make choices.

The flip side of this coin is that companies, already struggling, will no longer be able to take advantage of an additional sales channel. At least if they have their orders processed by Amazon itself.

How to still sell through marketplaces?

There is still the possibility of using or even starting up Amazon and other marketplaces as sales channels, if you don't let them do your logistics! Bol is also full and they too are no longer accepting products. Therefore, we decided to continue working at full capacity and do our part for the companies that:

  • Threatening to see their sales through marketplaces shut down
  • Want to boost existing online sales by integrating marketplaces
  • Want to launch their online sales through marketplaces

How can we do this? Thanks to our partnership with ChannelEngine. com, we integrate several marketplaces and give you access to these and many other sales channels. Depending on your set up, we can do this even at short notice. takes care of your connection to the marketplaces and we take care of processing and shipping your orders.

It may not be an operation that expresses your preference under normal circumstances, but it may offer you opportunities today!

Feel free to ask for more information. We are happy to make time to give you an honest and open view of how this works and the possibilities. We are certainly not saying that this is the holy grail that will absorb all your losses. Entrepreneurship in these times is also reacting together quickly and flexibly and thus helping each other through difficult times!

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