Logistics case: YUN skincare

Fight bad bacteria on your skin by cleverly using good bacteria. Simply brilliant! Thanks to pioneering research, YUN has succeeded in being the first in the world to develop several Probiotherapies. This involves using good bacteria to strengthen, restore and maintain the skin's natural protective layer.

How YUN makes a difference

Most products have many preservatives and fragrances that affect the skin, fighting all the bacteria. This also destroys the good bacteria, which are just very important for healthy skin. YUN boosts the natural protection so that bad bacteria do not have a chance.

How we make a difference

From a logistics point of view, YUN was looking for an e-fulfilment partner to distribute their products with the necessary respect for their values. In addition, it was important that certain products needed to be kept absolutely refrigerated. Nevertheless, it is rather the fact that YUN is a young innovative company, with a huge ambition to grow, that gave us the biggest challenge:

  • How do we deal with a changing strategy, which also has logistical implications?
  • How do we deal with strong spikes during the growth period?

A good year on, we can be quite proud of the results. YUN is growing and is gradually realizing its ambitions. In addition, together we managed to integrate the changed sales model well throughout the year as well as to absorb the first major peak. The main reasons for the success are:

  • Clearly align processes, but design them dynamically so that they can handle change smoothly.
  • The first peak went smoothly with a focused plan of action.
  • Communication is direct, transparent and constructive. The end customer is central and together we strive to provide a perfect experience for this customer, both in BtoC and BtoB.

In short, we are really proud that as an e-fulfilment player we can help an ambitious, innovative and Belgian company like YUN.

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