Logistics case: Smart energy bill thanks to June Energy

Like everyone else, June Energy is convinced that energy will become 100% renewable in the future. However, according to their feeling, the transition is moving too slowly, which is why they want to do their part now. Thanks to an easy-to-install smart technology, June Energy monitors your consumption while continuously comparing the prevailing rates on the market. This makes you smarter about your consumption and automatically ensures you get the lowest rates.

In early 2017, June began looking for a logistics partner with whom to ship their technology together. Key areas of focus in their search were:

  • A partner with expertise, who thinks with them and guides them. An important nuance was that thinking along should also take into account the stage they are in as a company. As an innovation start-up where a story is growing very strongly, so the desires may also change.
  • A quick and smooth integration, considering there was only one month between the initial call and the effective startup.
  • Fluency in handling busy peaks.
  • Regardless of everything, always give customers a correct experience and delivery, so that the first encounter with the product matches June Energy's values.

BME june


Thanks to a quick initial meeting, all the questions BME had became clear and we, too, decided to go with it.

First, together with the people at June Energy, we went deeper into their strategy and the image they want to project to their customers. From this exercise, we then devised an e-fulfilment process that aligned with all of these requirements. As a result, the entire process from sales to delivery becomes one story.

Afterwards, we established a quick and smooth connection between the two systems, taking into account the outlined processes. We did everything to ensure that all orders were processed properly regardless of the peak.

Finally, to make sure that everything ran smoothly and kept running, we maintained very close monitoring and communication with June Energy for the first few months.

BME customer case


The startup was intense, but together we met our timing! The client gained access to June Energy's technology in a very smooth manner.

Today we notice that the way of communicating and collaborating continues to evolve in line with June's growth. This transparent communication, makes it possible for us to continuously monitor the collaboration and adjust where necessary.

A perfect example of how two young ambitious Belgian companies help each other grow!

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