Little Big Change: not just any diapers (part 2)

Little Big Change

Little Big Change has big ambitions and plans to grow so that they can even better assist parents of young families in their search for the best diaper. They also want to offer a better service and that goes beyond just diapers. For example, they also offer baby wipes. The company is always looking for new innovations and keeps the public informed through their website and social media.

But what do they look for in a logistics partner? Obviously, it must deliver the right work, at the right time, without delay and without error. But there are also some other things. For example, they value a partner who:

  • Values open and prompt communication
  • Has the will to grow together and adapt processes for growth
  • Centrally located is
  • Technologically ready for the future, as digital is the only way forward
BME e-fulfilment

Why BME?

Not only do we offer the most in terms of technological prospects, the click was immediate.

"The start of the cooperation went very well. The contact was fine and our questions were answered immediately. Especially the latter is very important and necessary for both sides," says Amber de Paepe (Digital Customer Success Manager of Little Big Change)

Especially in this day and age and in logistics as a strategic extension, it is important that things are addressed immediately.

BME warehouse

What role does BME play?

When an order comes in, we make sure it is processed quickly and correctly. If a flyer or gift needs to be added, this is a very simple process thanks to digital integration. And then there is aftercare. After shipment, there may be a need for follow-up. The speed at which this happens contributes enormously to customer satisfaction

As Little Big Change grows, they expect BME to grow with it:

  • We respond to their technological demand with our platform
  • Our platform grows with the questions and needs they have.

"In short, a sustainable partnership adapts to the changing needs that growth brings. That's what we found with BME," concludes Amber.

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