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Do you need a web shop? With more than ten years of experience in developing websites and web shops, we know what works well online and what does not. This way, it fits your needs and those of your visitors.

Thanks to our smart integrations, we connect your webshop and logistics operations into a sparkling whole.

After a comprehensive analysis, we look at which solution best suits your goal and budget. This can be with an open-source solution, such as WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento 2. Another excellent alternative is Shopify. This is not open-source, but suitable for both novice and experienced webshop owners.


Shopify works with subscriptions, with which you create a complete webshop. You can use apps to extend your webshop in all sorts of ways. You do lose some flexibility here since it is not open-source.

There are paid and free apps that are easy to install. These features are ideal if you don't have much experience with an online store or don 't have technical knowledge yourself.

As your shop and experiences grow, you can always use a more extensive and expensive package. Shopify Payments offers several payment options such as iDeal, Paypal, credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Or you work through a payment provider and use its payment options.

In Shopify, you have an accurate overview of your orders and visitors. So easily define your own strategy and fine-tune your marketing!

Thanks to the mobile app, you can access your orders and analytics anytime, anywhere. So you can see what's happening in your website at any time!

Magento 2

Magento is a CMS that focuses entirely on e-commerce. All your needs are in this powerful platform: inventory management, invoicing, multilingual website supporting multiple currencies and payment options and so much more.

Magento is a heavier system than WooCommerce or Shopify, though, which can have a slight impact on speed. But with the help of our Magento experts and a few optimization measures, you will definitely get this platform up to speed!

Magento provides extensive and up-to-date security patches that keep your webshop safe. As with WooCommerce, you don't pay for a license and even without extensions, the platform already offers enormous possibilities.

If you really want to expand, the knowledge of a developer is not a luxury. Because each platform has its limitations, customization is still necessary.

Magento has a lot to offer, especially for larger online stores. But it also creeps in more time and money to make it work optimally for you.


WooCommerce is open-source, which gives you full control over your shop. It is a free e-commerce shopping system in WordPress. The plugin transforms your website into a fully featured webshop.

WooCommerce, like Shopify, is low-profile, but open-source. That gives you higher scalability. Like the apps on Shopify, WooCommerce offers numerous plugins and themes. Which usually eliminates the need for knowledge of HTML and CSS.

If you choose WooCommerce as your e-commerce solution, compared to Shopify, you do have to host it yourself. Which again gives you flexibility. Certainly an important factor if you want to offer a unique customer experience, for example a customized checkout process.

This flexibility does come with the cost that if you don't have programming knowledge yourself, you do need a developer. The good news is that we have over 15 years of experience developing and maintaining WordPress and WooCommerce!

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