As a logistics services provider, it is our mission to be the strategic extension of our customer’s operations.  More often than not, our customers consult us on matters exceeding the mere topic of our logistics collaboration.  We converse and exchange about passion, entepreneurship and our vision.  We share our knowledge and experience and learn tremendously from our customers’ insights.  It is sometimes difficult to succinctly define what one’s source of knowledge or inspiration is.  That’s why through this webpage, we want to share information that inspires us and makes us think.  Information that is not necessarily limited to logistics, innovation or other entrepreneurial topics.  We will also share information on topics or events that make us reflect about ourselves, our company, our customers and our people.

We will segment this information according to the language in which it is published – since we’re not always able to translate everything.  If you want to know more about some of the topics that you read through this webpage – then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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