Being flexible with expiration dates

Let's cut to the chase: does it still make sense for you to have to choose between FEFO (First Expired First Out) or LEFO (Last Expired Last Out) in your logistics process? Or could you make your choice depend on your customer?

Just imagine that you sell directly to consumers and work with a wholesaler for certain countries. Then it is perfectly possible that you serve the consumer according to the FEFO principle and supply your wholesaler according to the LEFO principle (provided that the latter creates stock for several months)!

Doing business internationally

More and more companies are operating globally. They approach certain segments through different channels depending on the local customer and his needs. Even we Flemish companies, traditionally so fondly anchored in our Belgian clay, are crossing borders much faster. Why? Simply because we can! Technology, in the broad sense of the word, has made international business much more accessible.

international business


Not surprisingly, the solution to switching smoothly between FEFO and LEFO lies in technology and the way you make systems talk to each other. On the basis of clear settings, the system automatically generates the correct choice and the customer is delivered according to the agreed principle.

E-fulfilment stands for a flexible customized logistics service, where the customer is at the center. Regardless of whether this is B2C or B2B. New developments, answering the needs of the market, are therefore part of our core tasks.

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