1Which webshop platforms can be linked to your warehouse management software?
For the majority of webshop platforms, there's an existing link. Do you use a platform without a know integration module? No problem. Our experts develop a custom-made solution.
2Which software is used for the development of my webshop?
Our BME developers build custom-made Magento webshops.
3Is my webshop ready for growth peaks?
We develop your webshop in the open source Magento platform. This means your webshop scales effortlessly. Magenta allows for the easy integration of certain elements. And the list of existing integration modules is almost infinite.
4Is it possible to link other software packages to my webshop?
Yes. Magento is an open source solution - and if offers a vast choice of plugins.


1To which countries can BME send my pallets and packages?
BME ships worldwide.
2When will my package arrive at my customer's doorstep?
Pallets and packs ordered before the cut-off time, are delivered next day in the neighboring countries.

Only for remote areas (e.g. the Waddeneilanden or some outstretched regions in France) it could take 1 day extra.

The cut-off times vary between the shipping and courier services.
3What is the cut-off time?
It's the final deadline on which a customer can place an order for next-day delivery. For example: orders completed before 4PM are picked up the same day with the courier service.
4Which are the courier and shipping services BME partners with?
We currently working with Bpost, PostNL, GLS, DPD and TNT for packages. Pallets are shipped via GLS.

We always consult with you to choose the best-suited courier service for your project.
5Do your courier and shipping partners deliver on Saturdays?
Yes. We work with PostNL for Saturday deliveries. At the moment, this service is only available for Belgium and the Netherlands.
6Does BME ship pallets?
Yes. We ship pallets worldwide.
7Can I stock dried, refrigerated or frozen foods at BME's warehouse?
Yes. We have freezing and cooling units that are compliant with HACCP standards. We also have the necessary certificates from the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain).
8Can BME assemble my products?

If your products consists of multiple parts, you can ship them separately to our warehouse. We take care of the assembly of your end product and ship them completed to your end customer.
9What are the assembly costs?
Each e-commerce project is unique. We always propose a tailor-made solution specific for your business.
10How are refrigerated and frozen foods deliverd?
We make sure all your packages arrive safely at your customer's doorstep. The same goes for dry, refrigerated and frozen food. They are shipped with special care, so your customer can enjoy them in the best possible quality.
11Are my products insured while they are being shipped?
This depends on the shipping service you select. When necessary, we can always help you find the partner that's most suited for your business requirements.
12What happens with returns?
Return orders are always checked on (1) amount and (2) possible damages. You are always being notified whenever a return order comes in. We check with you what we should do next - and put the products back in the warehouse on your request.
13What happens with damaged returns?
We take pictures and mail them to you. You always decide what happens next.
14Can I enter lot numbers in the warehouse management software?
15Does your system provide the possibility to enter expiry dates?

We work with the FIFO (first in, first out) principle. Are there products approaching their expirty date? Our system makes sure you're being notified automatically.
16Do your shipments have a track and trace link?
Yes. When your package is ready for shipment, our system automatically emails your end client a track and trace link.