Cross-border E-commerce meet-up with DHL Express Belgium

After our first successful meet-up in June, our second meet-up around internationalization took place last week. A concept where professionals from different sectors and companies of different sizes share their experiences on e-commerce and internationalization together. A common ambition in which sharing knowledge is a crucial success factor.

The meet-up is an initiative of BME and DHL Express Belgium, seeing e-commerce as a strategic pillar in the further internationalization of both start-ups and multinationals.

Internationalizing through E-commerce

By internationalizing through E-commerce, we do not necessarily mean starting a webshop. But we do want to emphasize the importance of a thorough digital strategy to realize your international ambitions. Without this digital strategy, which is a work in progress throughout your entire management, you will struggle to cope with the increasing power of the consumer and its influence on your business model.

Good location, knowledge and innovation are no longer just the basis of a successful international business. The level of digitalization, support from strong partners and a dose of guts are essential.

Three new take-aways

  • Strategic partnerships increase your chances of success!
  • Know both your customer of today and that of tomorrow, because the consumer is at the wheel.
  • Know your market, because every sales channel is different.

The added value of digitizing

And yet! Digitizing should not only be done to further satisfy your customer. It also provides great financial added value in the short term. Think about this:

  • Better alignment between customer demand and production.
  • More efficient inventory as a result of faster production.
  • A reduction in your administration costs as systems are better aligned.

And if your digitization path leads to entering into strategic partnerships, it is important that these partners also fully commit to digitization. This way, they not only support your current business processes, but also adapt to your future growth.

We are a third party logistics provider that supports companies in both their current business processes and their future growth. BME has been an established player on the Belgian market for several years now and we develop e-fulfilment solutions for e-commerce, always tailored to the customer's needs. DHL Express supports us with its logistics expertise in offering express shipping to our customers. Like us, DHL Express believes in international growth through cross-border e-commerce.

1+1 = 3

Knowledge is a collection of experiences shared by multiple people. For example, there is also Flanders Investment & Trade. They share their knowledge about internationalization and deploy their network of international experts. You can bring them into your story as a real catalyst.

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