BME reinforces its human resources policy!

As everyone has read and experienced several times in the past, we place a great deal of importance on the working environment within BME. We are only as strong as our people. Moreover, we can only be a strategic extension of our customers if we do it together with the entire team.

Together with the support of the European Social Fund and the Flemish Government, we can further develop our policy to become a sustainable employer with respect for the employee and the working environment.

Specifically, with this project we are focusing on 6 pillars:

  • Refining the core values and visualizing them more strongly so that they are clear to employee and customer.
  • Improved recruitment process by better matching the expectations of all parties involved on the one hand and paying more attention to the right person in the right place on the other.
  • A clear welcoming and evaluation policy that translates between employee expectations and BME while respecting core values.
  • A sustainable employment and compensation program that takes into account the employee as well as BME's core values.
  • A transfer of BME's philosophy to all executive. After all, BME is growing rapidly and it is important that day-to-day managers continue to carry the policy forward regardless of BME's growth.
  • To strengthen the above 5 pillars, we also want to anchor this policy in a platform that is clear to all users and manager.

In short, we really want to continue the path we embarked on 2 years ago in all ranks of the company and anchor it permanently. A policy in which core values are central and thus become tangible from the application and form the common thread from the first day at work to all the days after.

If you would like to know more about our policies or specifically about this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project funding:
ESF approved upon application: €27,988
VCF approved upon application: €41,982
Other funding approved upon application: €29,987

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