BME value #5: Transparency

Perhaps the most important core value on which we build our foundations is transparency. Communicating honestly and correctly with an open mind is a gift we absolutely want to pursue. Thus, we try to reduce the distance between people and focus on the way we communicate. Actually, you could describe transparency as a form of communication that is sincere, honest and respectful.

Millicent made us feel in a positive way from her application what values she considers important. Her expectations of an employer were also clear to us even before she was hired!

"Crystal clear, from day one, I flew in and pick and pack all orders with due care. Speed and accuracy go hand in hand with me. Anything to get the order to the customer correctly."

Much more important is the way Millicent communicates with her colleagues and with our clients. She is sincere and honest in her communication, regardless of the situation or the person she is talking to. By doing so, she gives herself, as well as others, the honest opportunity to do something with that information.

BME warehouse

In short Millicent shows every day that openness, sincerity and honesty are hugely valuable building blocks for a company, its atmosphere and customer satisfaction!

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