BME value #3: Customer focus

Be able to grow with our customers and make their customers happy! A crucial part of our mission. In other words, customer focus is a value we hold very dear. We want to be much more than a logistics service provider, namely a partner you can build and grow with!

Rosaria Ventura, sometimes a name says much more than 1,000 words. In everyday life a great family mom, who looks up to her father immensely. 'Caring for' is a way of being for her, so to speak, where the necessary dose of pepper is never far away!

"From my role in the customer involvement department, I am the voice you will welcome the most," Rosaria says. "In addition, I track every shipment and will get all the necessary information from the courier services in order to correctly inform our customers."

Much more important is the energy Rosaria exudes with which she truly exudes that the customer is king. Thus, you will have to convince her that something is not possible for a customer and she is always ready to assist where needed. She absolutely strives for 100% customer satisfaction.

Working at BME

In short Rosaria turns the partnership we enter into together into a (h)real experience!

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