Business intelligence dashboard makes logistics data transparent

Sayings like "Measuring is Knowing" and "Data is King," are just a few one-liners that emphasize the importance of correctly interpreting your data. That is why we developed customized Business Intelligence Dashboards that make your logistics data immediately transparent.

Only by correctly interpreting your company's (logistics) data can you also grow efficiently and achieve your goals. The importance of this increases in an environment that is constantly changing and where today's business model will be questioned tomorrow! Of course, the latter is with some sense of drama.

Personalized business intelligence dashboard

We also noticed the need for correct data more and more among our partners. The signal for us to get to work on this! Our integrated WMS forms the perfect basis to translate the extensive logistics data into a clear personalized dashboard, which can serve as a basis to steer your business.

Business Intelligence Dashboard for logistics data

After months of development, the result is a link between our WMS and 'Business Intelligence Software'. This allows us to easily export the data from our WMS to a correct and personalized dashboard. This gives you easy insight into your business and its possible changes.

Because not everyone needs the same level of detail, we have developed two standardized modules. Each represents a different level of detail. In addition, customization is of course a 3the option if you want much deeper analyses.

Logistics data and business intelligence platform
A visual example of some of the numbers in our BI dashboard

The major benefits of these business intelligence dashboards are:

  • You combine multiple data sources, enriching your data and thus getting a much deeper understanding of your data.
  • All dashboards consist of clear, easily interpretable visualizations.
  • You can update your data periodically so that you have accurate data at the times that are important to you.
  • The entire tool is cloud-based and mobile and thus available anytime, anywhere.

Logistics monitors

In other words, you monitor your total logistics activity according to all possible changes in your sales. This allows you to better anticipate the changes and manage the impact on your profitability.

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