BME and RMDY aim to increase logistics productivity through latest technology

Increasing the productivity of warehouse workers. That was the starting point for a new, innovative study around hands-free order picking with Vuzix Corporation's M300 smart glass. Can augmented reality increase warehouse workers' productivity? Is hands-free order picking realistic with an AR smart glass? These questions led to the research and a structural partnership between us as a logistics service provider and expert in augmented and virtual reality RMDY.

Quest for efficiency leads to innovation

Currently, order picking is done with a scanner. But what if you replace it with a smart glass connected to the inventory management database? Then order pickers could scan the product's bar code hands-free. Is that more efficient than the current way of working? Does it increase the productivity of warehouse workers? Or is the technology still too young? Together with RMDY, we joined forces and started a study.

Remarkable approach: logistics united with new technology

Some applications with smart glasses already exist on the market today, even within the logistics sector. Daniel Ciccodemarco, Managing Director BME, says: "However, we find that these applications are still too limited. Innovation is only successful if it adds value for the company, the employee and the customer. That's what we strive for." Bart Van Hecke, founding partner of RMDY, adds that he believes in the remarkable approach: the partnership between logistics practical experience and new technology. Thanks to that combination, all facets of a process are taken into account. As a result, he believes, they will find a concrete application faster.

Top-notch logistics service provider BME

We are a logistics service provider specializing in e-fulfilment. Our services are a strategic, logistics extension for e-commerce players and companies operating in a B2B environment. We are advanced in process optimization, IT integration, automation and digitalization. We strive to remain top-notch in the industry. Therefore, we are betting on new technology, such as AR.

RMDY, much more than an AR and VR expert

Using AR as creative business solutions, as for BME, is only a small part of RMDY's offerings. The company offers customized digital total solutions. Whether it's a new website, a UX strategy, a mobile application, content strategy, copywriting, design or an augmented or virtual reality application. RMDY tackles projects firmly, making their clients' digital ambitions a reality.

Two versatile parties entering into a special partnership. Now it is an exciting wait for the results. Not only of this research, but also of two other projects. To be continued...

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