BME and are joining forces!

A while ago, we shared with you our insights on the importance of marketplaces in a digital omnichannel strategy. That's why we are also extremely excited to announce our partnership with! helps retailers, brands and distributors find access to millions of new customers by integrating them with the largest marketplaces. An integration means that they seamlessly integrate your webshop, sales tool or ERP with the marketplaces most relevant to you. What's more, you can easily integrate new marketplaces at any time to realize your growth ambitions.

This digital integration brings some benefits:

  • Clear view of your order flow from order to effective delivery.
  • 1 stock available for different sales channels.
  • Automated administration and billing.
  • Integrate logistics while respecting the sales channel.

In short, you have a clear picture of your stock, your order, your customer and the effective delivery. Moreover, you simplify your internal operations by having the additional administration and invoicing run automatically. From a customer perspective, the last advantage is possibly the most important.

Each marketplace or sales channel has its own audience and requirements. When you extend these through to your fulfillment, you ensure that the experience, which you bring with the order, matches the customer expectation and requirements of each marketplace. We can identify the sales channel in our WMS, allowing us to tailor order processing to your strategy while respecting the requirements of each marketplace.

Want to learn more about our partnership or are you also interested in expanding your market, feel free to get in touch and see what we and can do for you!

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