BME shares its experiences at Exact's annual Demo Day

On September 25 it was that time again. Exact's Demo Day took place in Antwerp. A day dedicated to digitalization and the role Exact Software can play in this.

Spread over several sessions, the possibilities were explained to accountants and SMEs. After all, everyone wants to get the most out of their ERP. This way, you can optimize your processes and distinguish yourself from your competitors. An ERP is much more than a pure accounting tool. It can also be an enormous source of information from which you can manage your operations.

A brief sampling of these sessions full of practical tips:

  • The way Exact CRM can boost your sales.
  • How insights into numbers allow you to better control your costs.
  • How Exact eases your human resources and payroll.
  • Why you need to digitize your warehouse and what role Exact plays in this.

BME speaking out

It was around this last topic that we ourselves spoke at Exact's Demo Day. We explained our operation with the help of our customer Rhombus. They are active as a wholesaler of school materials. Important points of interest for Rhombus are:

  • Procuring their goods correctly with clear processing in their ERP.
  • Processing presales in their ERP, linked to their inventory.
  • The short time span between delivery of materials and order processing.
  • Processing orders on a predetermined date
  • The ability to consolidate orders at the address level, allowing you to process orders at the user level as well as send orders at the address level.

During our session, we went deeper into these areas of concern and talked about the importance of Exact in this workflow. Of course, we looked at this from Rhombus' point of view, but also from our role as a logistics provider.

If you would like to learn more about how Exact works from a logistics perspective, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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