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We expand our services offering in 4 ways!

Team BME

Over the past few months we have been working hard behind the scenes to offer a number of extra services: integration of marketplaces, consolidation process, later cut-off time and improved international transport prices.

Every day we work together with our partners to improve and expand our services offering. Any action we take is inspired by two questions:

  1. Does this improve the service level of our partners to their customers?
  2. Are the customers of our partners better served?

Let’s have a look at our extra fulfilment & logistics services:

1. Integration of marketplaces

Some weeks ago we’ve published an article announcing our integration of more than 20 European marketplaces.

We are ready to explore, together with our customers, which marketplaces are most suited to allow their further growth. A great advantage of the marketplace integration by BME is that you can integrate additional sales channels without having to change your values or adapting your logistics process.

Thanks to this integration, using new marketplaces is made easy.  Just investigate which one fits your products best.  All your existing processes and values are kept 100% intact.


2. The consolidation process

Since August 2017 our warehouse features an extra process, called the ‘consolidation process’.  This means that multiple orders with a same delivery address can be consolidated into a single dispatch.

Let’s give an example. School students order their educational material online, but want it to be delivered centrally at the school. We are going to centralize the orders of these students per school, and process them per student. In this way each box contains the specific order of the student, and also all of the student’s data.

Subsequently these orders are sent to the consolidation zone where they are consolidated into 1 dispatch. This often results in a single pallet shipment. That pallet is shipped and received by the school. The school can then efficiently distribute all boxes amongst the students because each box is tailored to the specifications of the student.

The consolidation process offers different advantages:

  • extra comfort for your customer, because he/she receives only 1 shipment;
  • with a great overview of who ordered which package;
  • you or your end customer saves on transportation costs;
  • you keep the overview thanks to easy track & trace functionality.

3. A later cut-off time

The time has come! After having had a cut-off until 4 PM the last couple of years, we expand our offering as of November 1 for those partners that wish to have a later cut-off.

You will be able to have each order entered before 7 PM process on the very same day. Of course this is not yet available for every courier service, but it is available for almost entire Europe.

4. Improved international transport prices

The later cut-off results in additional benefits. Thanks to a strong partnership we have been able to improve our transportation prices. For a large number of European countries, and for different packet sizes and prices.

So it certainly is worth it to ask us for the new pricing and to check what this means for your business and your order profile. This will significantly reduce the transportation costs of your customer – which in turn reduces even more the threshold to place an order.

In other words, we’ve certainly been busy over the last few months, and we’ve done our best to listen to the wishes of our partners. Satisfying the customers of our partners is our absolute ambition!

Are you already a BME customer? Or do you cant to know more about these services? Just contact us!