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Together with BeCommerce, FIT, Comeos and Katoen Natie we went to Prague to speak about e-commerce in Flanders

sprekers e-commerce vlaanderen

On 14 May, FIT Czech Republic, together with APEK, organized an EU day in Prague to highlight the possible collaborations between Flanders and the Czech Republic on e-commerce. The aim was to present Belgium, and more specifically the Flemish region, as an attractive region for Czech entrepreneurs.

Sofie Geeroms – managing director BeCommerce

After a short introduction by the ambassador, Sofie Geeroms from BeCommerce gave more information about Belgium as an e-commerce region. She gave insights on consumer buying behavior as well as on our role and our potential as a region at the heart of Europe’s most important e-commerce countries.

Sofie Geeroms managing director of BeCommerce

Caroline Levrau – deputy director inward investment FIT

Then Caroline Lervrau outlined a good image of Flanders as location for further developing European activities. She also emphasized how FIT can be an accelerator in discovering this region and all its possibilities.

Caroline Levrau deputy director inward investment at FIT

Anton Delbarre – chief economist Comeos

Anton Delbarre from Comeos was the last key note speaker before the break. Comeos represents Belgian trade and services and annually conducts a very extensive survey on the trends in this sector as well as on consumer behavior. A study that underscores the findings of Becommerce as well as providing additional insights into the deep-rooted behavior of consumers and how commerce deals with it.

Anton Delbarre chief economist of Comeos

Koen Vanderweyden – finance manager BME

After the well-deserved coffee break, it was our turn. “E-commerce as a strategy”, a stepping stone! With this one-liner we wanted to emphasize that e-commerce is so much more than a web shop. It is a strategic choice that can respond to the rapidly changing digitized environment in which we find ourselves.

koen vanderweyden finance manager at bme

Lorens Hertoghs – head of business line e-commerce Katoen Natie

The final speaker, Lorens Hertoghs from Katoen Natie, explained the importance of Belgium as a location in the further development of their activities, based on their own experience as a major logistics service provider. It is interesting to hear how location is a crucial decision factor for a customer in his search for a logistics service provider.

Lorens Hertoghs, head of business line e-commerce at Katoen Natie

In short, an inspiring day, we truly learned a lot. Would you also like to be inspired about e-commerce?