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PXL Event: digitization in the transport sector

Information-on-demand bij e-fulfilment

Recently PXL organized an event in which the importance of digitization in the transport sector was central. Digitizatiohas a major impact on the business processes within the transport sector.

Digitization is a hot topic. It ensures that you can remain competitive in a highly competitive market. You can focus more on process improvements as well as on better customer loyalty. 

Information-on-Demand (IoD)

We were very pleased to explain the advantages of Information-on-Demand (IoD) in e-fulfilment. After all, based on our own experience as a 3PL logistics service provider, we notice the positive impact on our processes and our daily operations

Advantages IoD

Thanks to IoD and real-time information we can detect and implement changes much more easily. An additional advantage that we would like to emphasize is the impact on our customer relationship(s)!

A transparent use of information throughout the entire cooperation ensures better coordination between the customer’s strategy and the associated logistics processes.

Improve continuously

One of the biggest challenges for companies is that IT innovations are not accompanied with corresponding process improvements. Information-on-Demand offers companies many options and the opportunity to improve continuously. Hopefully we were able to inspire the companies and students which were present with our view of IoD and logistics!

If you want to know more about our services or IoD, don’t hesitate to contact us.