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Online marketplaces under pressure, BME to the rescue!

amazon fulfilment

The Coronavirus not only cripples our social life, but also has an undeniable impact on our economy. Shops have to close, companies close preventively and for how long? Sales through your known channels have come to a standstill or are under severe pressure.

Amazon fulfilment bans non-essential products

In addition, Amazon announced to all its customers that they no longer receive incoming goods from non-essential products. With this decision, they are fully utilising their logistics capacity for the essential products, which are much needed in these times. From a social and business point of view, there is certainly some understanding for this. If you notice that your capacity is under pressure, because the demand for essential goods is increasing enormously, then you have to make choices.

The other side of the coin is that many companies, who are already struggling, will soon no longer be able to use an additional sales channel because of this decision, as long as they have their orders processed by Amazon itself.

How to still sell through online marketplaces?

So there is still the possibility to use or even startup Amazon and other marketplaces as a sales channel, as long as you don’t let them do your logistics! Bol is also full at the moment and they don’t accept any more products. That’s why we have decided to continue working at full speed ourselves and to do our bit for those companies that:

  • See their sales through marketplaces threaten to stop
  • Want to stimulate their existing online sales by integrating marketplaces
  • Want to startup their online sales through marketplaces

How can we do this? Thanks to our partnership with ChannelEngine.com, we can integrate several marketplaces and give you access to these and many other sales channels. Depending on your set up, we can set this up in the short term. ChannelEngine.com takes care of your connection with the marketplaces and we take care of the processing and shipment of your orders.

It may not be an operation that in normal circumstances expressed your preference, but it may offer you opportunities today!

Please feel free to ask for more information. We would like to take the time to give you an honest and open insight into the operation and the possibilities. We certainly do not say that this is the holy grail that will absorb all your losses. Entrepreneurship in these times is also reacting quickly and flexibly together and helping each other through difficult times!