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Mark Rabsahl about DHL Express and their relationship with BME


BME: “Hey Mark, who is DHL Express?”

Mark: “Within the large DHL family, DHL Express is the part that deals with fast and urgent shipments. For this we use an air network, our “Air Express”. This gives us a number of hubs that allow us to deliver (almost) worldwide tomorrow. At the moment our family consist of 120.000 employees spread over the different continents.”

BME: “What makes you so unique?”

Mark : “DHL is the most international company in the world. DHL has expertise virtually anywhere, because we have local experts with a local network. These people also have a true DHL background.”

“In addition, DHL has also established the Certified International Specialist (CIS) program. This means that everyone receives the same basic training. In short, what is needed to reach our customers and this in the best possible way. That is a lot of money and effort, but it is really worth it.”

“DHL also has its own fleet of more than 250 aircraft. As a result, despite the consequences of COVID-19, we are able to deliver to our customers almost anytime and anywhere. This is further proof of the power of airspace.”

dhl express airplanes

BME: “Can you tell me a little bit more about that premium value you’re offering?”

Mark: “Your website is crucial. When you sell a product, your website is your only touch point with your potential customer. With other courier services, packages are simply delivered and that is it. With us on the other hand, we are a partner with a very uniform and premium look. We hand over the package with a smile, an extra word, … This way we build a number of features in our deliveries that upgrade your product and your service. It is that touch point that determines whether the customer will order something back from you.”

“In addition, reliability is also very important. At DHL Express you will find yourself in a network, also known as the big yellow machine. Here you work with so many scan points and so many touch points, that you have a constant follow-up.”

“The look pops up here again. That premium part of your webshop puts you in the spotlight by choosing the right partner.”

BME: “What are your thoughts about 3PL partners and BME?”

Mark: “3PL-ers are a real added value. They are the bridge to your customer and therefore provide a value add. This is certainly in the case of BME. BME offers a customized service to the customer and searches for the most optimal transport solution for that customer. It is very important that there is a match. You have to be on one line with one another.“

We are now at that level that we have grown from a customer-provider relationship to a partnership. A real friendship has also developed between us. We know perfectly well what we have to offer each other. If there is a difficult challenge somewhere, we call each other and look for a solution. These are the things that create a real bond of trust.

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