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Brent Luyckx about 4Gold and how we work together towards their goal

Brent Luyckx vertelt zijn verhaal

We are very proud to be part of the story of 4Gold, who just recently won the title of start-up of the year in Antwerp by Unizo. A wonderful recognition of a young company! We would like to explain this further together with Brent Luyckx.

BME: “Brent, who is 4Gold and what makes you so unique?”

Brent: “4Gold is a Belgian start-up founded by cycling phenomenon Mathieu Van der Poel, professional motocrosser Axel Roelants and former professional cyclist Brent Luyckx. 4Gold’s goal is to bring out the best in every athlete by increasing the interface between science and sports nutrition. Innovation with respect for people and nature are central.

On the one hand, because of our background as top athletes, we noticed that the quality of food supplements often did not meet our own requirements. As an athlete, small percentages often mean the difference between profit and loss. That is why 4Gold brings the best possible products on the market that are scientifically substantiated. On the other hand, I had to say goodbye to cycling because of Crohn’s disease. This makes it very important to us that our products are gastrointestinal friendly.

Finally, we work closely with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). This means that our products are checked in batches. In this way, every athlete is not only certain of a doping-free product, but also of a product without residues of heavy metals, pesticides or antibiotics.”

4Gold pre workout

BME: “Recently you won the Start-up of the year awarded by Unizo Antwerp, to what do you think you owe this victory?”

Brent: “I think we won the prize mainly because of the combination of a few factors that Unizo pays extra attention to. In my opinion these are:

  • The focus on Belgian production and partners. We do this on the basis of the principle of ecology, for example by working with recycled pots, local ingredients, and because Belgium is very highly regarded in terms of quality.
  • The innovative scientific approach within the trend of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. A few weeks ago, we launched another tool that analyses genetic differences and then gives tailored advice on supplements. Think for example of sugar processing, protein metabolism, the functioning and breakdown of stimulants or the production of neurotransmitters needed for muscle contraction.
  • The business model we choose. This is a direct model aimed at the consumer. The consumer pays for quality and what is effectively in a pot. The price will not be increased due to a too long distribution channel.”

4gold bidon

BME: “How do you see the future? And how do you want to scale this?”

Brent: “With 4Gold we have drawn the map of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. We strongly believe that everything is becoming more and more individual and we want to be able to help every athlete in realizing his or her dreams. As the ultimate dream, we want 4Gold to become the benchmark when it comes to quality nutritional supplements for athletes.

To scale this we have made the choice to enter into cooperation with you. Because you completely take over our logistics, from storage to shipping, we can scale very quickly if necessary. It also allowed us to offer our products throughout Europe and the US from the very beginning.”

BME: “Can you compare doing business with top-level sports?”

Brent: “Certainly. I think you can find several things in (top)sport and entrepreneurship. There is the discipline that you need as a top athlete to strive for that one goal. As an entrepreneur you also have to have the necessary discipline every day to stay focused on your goal. Moreover, as an athlete you combine this with a very strong focus on your objective. Something that is completely the same in entrepreneurship. This ensures that you always focus on your dream, but also that you are able to overcome setbacks.”

4Gold sportsupplementen

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