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BME value #4: Innovation as the engine of change

Sandro innovatief

Innovation is the engine of change. It is the reason why some companies continue to exist and others do not. For us, innovation means being innovative in our own marketplace, as a fulfilment company. In addition, we believe that innovation also means our ability to grow and evolve along with the innovations that our customers realize.

For Sandro “too much of the same” equals not wanting to move forward. His drive has made him walk many paths in his past and each time he gave his own inventive interpretation to the reality surrounding him. Can things be any different? Could thnigs be better? These are questions that Sandro asks himself almost daily, looking with a sincere and open view at the world.

“As supervisor outbound, I am responsible for the team that ensures the correct processing of orders. In this role, I closely follow all tasks and assist where necessary. As a result, we manage to process all orders with the greatest care every day.”

Even more interesting is how Sandro looks at his role, his team and working environment. He constantly asks himself the question “what can be improved?” and discusses this with his team. Together they work out a plan and test new working methods, sometimes unsuccessfully but often with the necessary impact.

Sandro BME

In short, Sandro wants to have a lasting and long-term impact. By looking at things in an innovative way. And, above all, by involving people. In this way he stimulates innovation among his colleagues and customers!

Curious about how we can make an impact for your company?