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BME value #2: Inbound Involvement

cedric bme

One of the 5 core values that BME builds upon is involvement. Involvement can also be described as: truly being interested in the other person, showing passion in everything you do and enjoying to be a part of the group that allows to progress jointly!

For Cedric, this means that he’s a member of a football team for over 15 years now. He hasn’t played a single match, but that doesn’t matter. Every week he stands at the pitch to help create atmosphere and to chip in where needed. In other words: a teamplayer in the purest sense of the word!

werken bij bme

At BME, Cedric is working in the inbound zone – and boy does he play a hell of a match every day! He ensures that all products are received and sorted with the greatest of care, and then ensures that all products are put away in the warehouse. If something is wrong with a supply, he’ll do everything he can to fix it. Cedric even goes further:

“I speak to customers and try to understand them. I reflect on solutions that work both for BME and for the customer. And I always help my colleagues if there is too much work in a specific area of operations.”

In short, Cedric believes that just doing your job is insufficient. He wants more! He wants to be involved! Understanding why a customer makes certain choices, how these choices can work for BME, and how he can be a support to his colleagues.

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