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BME value #1: Flexibility as the thrust of change

If innovation is the engine to change, flexibility is the willingness to adapt to a changing environment. For us at BME, flexibility means to enable ourselves to adapt to a world that is changing, and to evolving needs of our customers.

To Geoffry, the unknown is a challenge that energizes him:

“I started my first day working for BME without really fully realizing what it was that I started.  But it felt right and the challenge seemed fun!  For me this was sufficient to pick up the gauntlet with full enthusiasm.”

As a supervisor, Geoffry is responsible for the many warehouse operations, and he is also in close contact with the customers.  This is a responsibility where priorities may change any time of the day, depending on the needs of the operations, the team or the customers.  Being able to flexibly cope with this is therefore absolutely necessary!

And yet, Geoffry manages to elevate his flexibility to an even higher level. Because of BME’s strong growth, the operational realities of today are often outdated by tomorrow.  That’s why Geoffry leads by example every day and prepares the team for change. He motivates them such that the team has a positive attitude and sees every change as a challenge.

Geoffry flexibiliteit

Thanks to Geoffry we can evolve with our customers and with our environment. Change becomes something positive thanks to a good approach and leading by example.

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