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BME talks about e-commerce strategy at Voka

digitalisering e-commerce

The Digital Academy organized by Voka, Chamber of Commerce in Limburg, shows in 6 sessions how small and large companies can grow internationally by developing digitally. It is important that you take all aspects of the company into consideration during this digital transformation exercise.

During the first gathering on April 26th there were 3 sessions. In the first session, Patricia Ceyssens, president of BeCommerce, gave more insight into the European e-commerce figures and how Belgium positions itself in these figures. Afterwards Benny Sintobin, CEO of Frucon, spoke about the role of e-commerce in a BtoC environment.

Finally, Koen Vanderweyden, our Finance Director, discussed how digitization is becoming crucial in a changing BtoB environment.


The fact that the importance of technology and digitization is becoming more and more visible can be clearly felt in all conversations and discussions. It is from this point of view that Voka tries to inform and inspire people and companies, so that everyone can go into the future in a well-informed way.

“We strongly believe that digitization is the only way to be able to do business sustainably in the future, with the customer at the center, regardless of the sales channel in which you are located. We are therefore grateful that Voka gives us the opportunity to inform and hopefully inspire companies on the basis of this conviction.” says Koen Vanderweyden.

Do you also believe in digital entrepreneurship or do you want to know more about it? Then definitely contact us and check our PowerPoint presentation here.