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BME shares its experiences at the annual Exact Demo Days

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On the 25th of September it was time again. The Exact Demo Day took place in Antwerp. A day dedicated to digitization and the role that Exact Software can play in this.

The possibilities were explained to bookkeepers and SME’s over various sessions. After all, everyone wants to get the most out of their ERP in order to optimize their processes and to distinguish themselves from their competitors. After all, an ERP is much more than just a bookkeeping tool, it can also be an enormous source of information from which you can steer your operations.

A short selection from these sessions full of practical tips:

  • How Exact CRM can boost your sales.
  • How insights into figures allow you to better control your costs.
  • How Exact relieves your personnel and payroll administration.
  • Why you need to digitize your warehouse and what role Exact plays in this.

BME speaking

We discussed this last subject ourselves, explaining our working method to our customer Rhombus. Rhombus is active as a wholesaler in school materials. Important points of attention for Rhombus are:

  • The correct purchase of their goods with a clear processing in their ERP.
  • Processing advance sales in their ERP linked to their inventory.
  • The short period of time between the delivery of the materials and the processing of the orders.
  • The processing of orders on a predetermined date.
  • The ability to consolidate orders at address level, allowing you to process orders at user level but send them at address level.

In our session we discussed this in more detail and explained the importance of Exact in this workflow from Rhombus’ point of view as well as in our role as a logistics service provider.

If you want to know more about how Exact works from a logistical point of view, don’t hesitate to contact us.