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BME makes data in logistics transparent

Business Intelligence platform pour la logistique

Statements such as ‘Data is King’ and ‘Measurement is the key to knowledge’ are just a few of the one-liners that emphasize the importance of a correct interpretation of your data. That’s why we developed Business Intelligence Dashboards which make your logistic data transparent.

It is only by interpreting your data correctly that you can grow efficiently and achieve your goals. This paradigm will gain importance in a continuously changing environment where today’s business model will be questioned again tomorrow! Granted, this sounds a bit dramatic – but it’s not less true.

Personalised BI-dashboard

We also noticed the increased need for correct data among our partners. This was for us the sign to get busy! Our integrated WMS forms the perfect basis for translating vast amounts of logistical data into a clear personalised dashboard.  That dashboard in turn can serve as a basis for running your company.

Business Intelligence Dashboard for logistics

The past few months of development have therefore resulted in a link between our WMS and Business Intelligence Software. This allows us to easily export the data from our WMS to a correct and personalised dashboard. This gives you easy insight into your business and the possible changes to it.

Because not everyone has the same need for detail, we have developed 2 standardised modules. Each of these modules display a different level of detail. In addition, customisation remains a third option if you require much more in-depth analyses.

Data in logistics and business intelligence platform

The main advantages of these BI-dashboards are:

  • You combine multiple data sources, which enriches your data and gives you a much deeper insight into your data.
  • All dashboards consist of clear, easily intelligible visualisations.
  • You can update your data periodically so that you have accurate data available at the moments you need them.
  • The entire tool is cloud-based and mobile and therefore available anytime, anywhere.

Business Intelligence Dashboard makes data transparent


In other words, you monitor your total logistic activity in function of all possible changes in your sales. This allows you to respond better to the changes and manage the impact on your profitability.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of these modules, do not hesitate to contact us!