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BME & DHL Express Meet-up: cross-border e-commerce

BME en DHL e-commerce meet-up

What if… you gather professionals from different sectors and companies of various sizes to share their experiences with e-commerce.

During the very first e-commerce meet-up, an initiative of BME and DHL Express Belgium, we met a mix of upcoming talents and professionals from both start-ups and multinationals. These professionals already have one thing in common: they want to conquer the world thanks through e-commerce. The goal of the evening: inspire and exchange experiences.

Internationalize via e-commerce

Internationalize, it’s a broad concept. A must for companies? We think so! Globalization, the growing power of the consumer and the evolution of technology contribute to the accessibility and the growing necessity of internationalization. Missing the boat isn’t an option!

A strategic location, knowledge and innovation are no longer the basis of a successful international company. The level of digitalization, support from partnerships and a lot of guts are essential.

Three take-aways

  • Globalization is here to stay – don’t miss the boat!
  • Quick wins: consider small adjustments you can make to enable international sales online.
  • Be aware of what the consumers of today really want.

Discover the e-commerce solutions of DHL Express.

Digitalization is a must

The increased speed of transactions requires a flexible approach. And how can you better map you processes than with digitalization? But how do you prepare for this? First of all, map out your processes and plan your digitalization in detail.

Digitalization doesn’t only offer added value for the end customer, but also gives your company financial value – think about faster production processes and a better inventory management. In addition, a digitalized logistics flow allows you to work omnichannel and helps you focus on internationalization.

We are a third party logistics provider that supports companies in both their current business processes and their future growth. We have been an established value on the Belgian market for several years now and designs custom-made e-fulfillment solutions for e-commerce. DHL Express supports us with its logistics expertise in offering express shipping to their customers. DHL Express strongly believes in international growth through cross-border e-commerce, just like we do.

The right guidance, worldwide

Surround yourself with a network of people who stimulate your growth and be guided by the right people – worldwide. The Flanders Investment & Trade helps you out wherever and whenever your company might need it. Benefit from their international knowledge and their large international network of people.

Pushing boundaries, reaching new customers and growing internationally – e-commerce lowers the threshold and enables you to get in touch with your international consumer. DHL Express is more than a logistics partners, they support you in your international growth. How they help you? Well…

  • Discover the opportunities that cross-border e-commerce offers your organization.
  • The latest insights into the ever-changing purchasing behavior of international customers.
  • Increase your online conversion, basket value and customer retention with proven strategies.

Are you attending our next meet-up? Keep an eye on us on Facebook and LinkedIn. This is a partnership between BME and DHL Express. Discover more about DHL Express on their website.

Take the necessary and appropriate steps in e-commerce? Feel free to contact us!