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BME continues to invest in their services

We constantly question ourselves and our services, that is why we have not been idle during the first six months of this year. Together with our partners, we are always looking for ways to improve their services and to increase their added value for their customers. Over the past six months, we have continued to develop our services. Here is a short selection from our new offer:

1. Further use of our DNA in a thorough way

As you already know, our employees are very important to us. In 2017, we have made a number of conscious choices in order to tackle our employment in a qualitative and sustainable manner. As a result, we not only build an attractive workplace, but also a stable environment in which your orders are processed.

In 2018, after winning the HR award, we decided that we wanted to continue on this path together with our employees. Of course, this is not a development that ever stops, but to which we do want to link certain objectives. That is why we are making it an absolute priority to have a strong personnel policy in place by the end of 2019, structuring our way of working so that it can also withstand the growth!

2. Developing a BI dashboard

Transparency must not be an empty concept. That is why we have developed our own BI dashboard, in which our customers can gain insight into our internal and external operations. Customers who use these dashboards get a very good picture of our services, our/their improvement points and our/their operational activities.

In other words, BI is a perfect tool to constantly search for efficiency and points for improvement. After all, a collaboration is never static, but must always be in line with the evolutions of our customer and his market. That’s why we are offering the possibility to build a comprehensive personalized dashboard tailored to the operations of our partners!

3. Flexible use of expiration dates

We are increasingly working with partners who combine different countries and who are using BtoB and BtoC interchangeably from a single logistical flow. It is therefore quite logical that you have other principles for the use of expiration dates for certain countries or customer segments! With us, customers have the opportunity to approach the different customer segments differently and to deal flexibly with the FIFO and LIFO methods. Thanks to the digital integration of these segments, we can ensure with certainty that our customers will always receive products from their customers in accordance with the agreements made concerning expiration dates.

In short, in recent months, we have certainly not been idle and have listened carefully to the wishes of our partners. Our sincere ambition is to satisfy our partners’ customers!

Are you already a customer or would you like to become a customer and know more about all these services?