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Belgium: the best place for logistics!

atomium brussel

In previous articles “outsourcing logistics” we went deeper into the most important decision-making factors, which determine your choice in outsourcing your logistics. These articles mainly focus on your own processes and the needs in your operation. We consciously paid less attention to the importance of a good location. After all, it’s obvious that when you do business internationally, your location has a lot of influence on:

  • The speed at which you receive your produced/ordered goods
  • The speed with which you get your orders to your customers
  • The cost of your transport
  • The language in which you’ll be helped

In short, choosing the right location absolutely contributes to the added value that you can offer your customer. 

logistics transportation

We all know that Belgium is an amazing region in the eyes of Europe and the world. It’s not for nothing that since the Middle Ages several countries have always wanted to initiate us.

Even studies by Cushman & Wakefield from 2004 call Belgium, and even more so Limburg, an excellent location from where you can easily arrange your European distribution.

After all, our assets are:

  • Central position in Europe and in the world
  • Logistics is in our DNA
  • Very good access by rails/roads/water and air
  • Above all, a culture of innovation

This last point of innovation definitely deserves a lot more attention, we’ll certainly look into it in a next article. After all, innovation is the most important dynamic, that ensures that you will always find the right answer to your customer’s question. In Limburg alone, there are several campuses supported by the province and LRM, which stimulate this innovation in various sectors.

So if you want to know more about the advantages of BME and our location, don’t hesitate to contact us.