We expand our services offering in 4 ways!

Over the past few months we have been working hard behind the scenes to offer a number of extra services: integration of marketplaces, consolidation process, later cut-off time and improved… Read more

Why we are the independent Radial of Europe?

Four weeks ago, bpost announced the acquisition of the North-American e-fulfilment player Radial. Bpost says that within 18 months it plans to pull Radial’s knowhow and activities to Europe. BME… Read more

BME obtains its Bio certification!

We recently obtained a Bio certification. From now on BME is a certified and recognized link in the supply chain of biological products. Below we explain the importance of this certification. The… Read more

How the EU wants to boost B2C E-commerce

At the start of the new millennium the European Union issued the E-commerce Directive.  That piece of legislation created the gateway for efficient cross-border E-commerce between the various EU Member… Read more