B4B is born. Bye Bye B2B!

From Business To Business(B2B) to Business For Business(B4B). It seems like a small typo, but its impact is immense. Modern businesses create value for other businesses. It is no longer a dry transaction. In B2B, one is seller and the other is buyer. Those times are over!

What is B2B?

B2B is about transactions between companies, not consumers. The word "to" expresses a direction, from - to. The direction is literally from left to right, -->. Often this went hand in hand with top down control, centralized structures and routines.

What is the new B4B?

'For' stands for 'appropriate to the needs of' or 'for the purpose of'. Business For Business companies are created FOR other companies. Moreover, these modern companies are using new ways to add value: networking, community and collaboration is much more important to them.

B4B is about thinking about your customer. The customer becomes central to your thinking and actions. Your business model revolves around those customers and not the other way around.

Copy of Are You a Business For Business.

Is BME a Business For Business?

Most certainly, just to give you an idea. BME started about five years ago with the creation of web shops and then grew along with the demand of our customers to a fulfillment solution. We saw that this did not yet take away all the worries of our customers. Time to let our business model evolve again!

In our new model, we can serve multiple sales channels from a central warehouse, both end consumers and businesses. This allows our customers to manage their stock efficiently and respond flexibly to customer demand. That's where the real added value for them lies. They no longer have to buy in large quantities to supply all the different channels with (too) much stock. In addition to web shops, we now also do digital supply chain and developed solutions for omnichannel experience.



A tip! Keep your finger on the pulse. Your client's pulse. What are his or her desires? Their needs? That is what you have to work on. Only in this way will you evolve with the customer and ensure that your company and your customers get the best out of each other.

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